Narrated by Victoria Summer, this is a story about the will to live.

The story of innocent lives interrupted by tragedy, heroes and hope.

Meet Puchi, Chucky, Jimmy Sr., Chaac & Bali, just to name a few.

Through a series of challenges each story touches us in a different way from torture, enslavement, deprivation, mutilation and eventually safety and happiness.

Enter Sanctuary - an inspirational and heart-warming glimpse into the lives of our primate brothers and sisters. They are so similar to us, yet we never get the opportunity to get to know them up close and personal.

See the sadness, pain and eventual hapiness and inspiration that transforms hopelessness into hope and sadness into gratitude.

This beautifully filmed documentary brings the viewer into the lives of these special relatives of humans, to see the world through their eyes.

Sanctuary also explores the environment that sustains the life of these beautiful primates and takes the viewer on a virtual tour of their once-beautiful habitat now destroyed by corporate conglomerates and governmental interference. Many primates are displaced due to environmental destruction, which leads them into dangerous and unfamiliar territories where they are poached and stolen.

Through first-hand accounts and rescues, to interventions and interactions with the primates themselves, Sanctuary shows you a wondrous world where humans have given everything to save the lives of these used, abused, unwanted and abandoned animals and given them a second chance.